Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Midnight-esque Mindless Mental Meanderings

I'm supposed to be asleep.  
At the very least, I'm supposed to be in bed.  
Often, these posts are written while I'm in bed, working on that whole, "sleep" concept.
Tonight, however, I'm not even in bed yet.  
Yes, my friends, it is 1 am and I'm actually using a desktop computer to write this thing.
How exciting does life get around here?  

        So.  I'm going to guess you've already guessed that I'm not one for being willing to sleep like a normal - wait, I don't like that word...lets try healthy - human being.  Yeah, I believe that you're observant and can catch a drift like that.  I know it's been a while since I've written (I began another project, actually, so I kinda got sidetracked here.  Forgive me?  Hey!  It was related to that last post, about scaring myself - I now scare myself rather frequently, and publicly!  Even more publicly than I do here!).  However, what better topic to discuss here than not sleeping?

Blogging has never been so exhilarating, right folks?  
Aren't you glad you're actually reading this?

        Perhaps the fact you are reading this might hint that perhaps you might have quirky issues, too.  In that case, come on in!  Pull up a chair.  Or a pillow.  Or some sort of comfortable place to sit, lay or just be.  Hang out here for a moment, and let's hang out here for a moment.  Because obviously neither of us are sleeping, and what better to do while not sleeping than hang out with friends?  Even if your friend is a mass of pixels and text.  Because why discriminate based on reality status?  We can all get along, right?

I'm not sure why people keep telling me I need to sleep.
Just because I end up writing quirky blog posts like this.
I mean, what's sleep compared to this??

Yeah yeah.  I'm going.

~ me

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